Welcome to Luv Your Pets

Hi and welcome to Luv Your Pets.

Many of you will know me for my other business as NEDay Crafts. However a great deal has happened in the last two years. This is me trying to rebuild my life again.

As a sufferer of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I have had to recover with very little support. Using mindfulness and self care was initially a great start , however because of anxiety and other symptoms, I found myself very isolated and scared.

I decided that rehoming a dog from Darlington Dogs Trust would be perfect for myself and my children as a form of therapy. In America, therapy dogs are used all the time for war veterans, for PTSD but in the UK it is not really recognised as a form of therapy.

I have had to learn firsthand how to deal with my emotions and the lack of understanding from so many people, which is why I have set up Luv Your Pets. Not only as a form of therapy for myself, but also to help others who are suffering from anxiety or mental health issues. As well as helping busy families who struggle to find time for their pets. All Luv Your Pets services start from £7 per hour, depending on location and availability.

It is medically proven that having a pet as part of the family is therapeutic for body, mind and spirit. But not everyone has the time to care for a pet, when we all have busy lives. So Luv Your Pets can help by giving love and affection to your cute cat , offering pet therapy with our gorgeous dog Missy or by walking your perfect pooch while you are at work.

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